Why schools should have Blended Learning

In a regular classroom day, students receive about 120 minutes a day of math instruction.  They spend about 60 minutes on instruction, where students are taught a new standard, followed by guided and independent work.  After this hour students they spend another 60 minutes going from workstation to workstation while the teacher meets with a small group of students periodically to work on standards they have not yet mastered.  During this time the teacher only has about 15 minutes tops to be able to meet with all his/her students to work on non-mastered standards.  It becomes very difficult to meet with all students in a day.  Not all students have the same learning styles and learning pace, this is causing students to be left behind.  At the end teachers tend to focus on low performing students and this leaves the rest of the students to float around.  We lose sight of those high-level performing students and fail to realize they need attention too, along with the middle-level students.  We cannot let this go on.  Teachers need to be able to meet with all of their students. Every student needs to be challenged no matter what learning level they are at.  

Now you might be asking how are we, teachers, going to be able to do this? The answer is BLENDED LEARNING! We are in a technological era where all of our students are using technology in one form or another.  They are being introduced to technology at a very young age.  Blended learning takes teacher face time and incorporates technology, in form of online learning.  Online learning is where students are able to get their instruction by watching instructional videos.  This will allow students to work at own pace.  They are able to re-watch the videos, as many times they need.  They will also be able write down questions they have of the instruction to later ask the teacher. When they are able to get their instruction via a video and have them watch it before going into the classroom, which is called a flipped classroom, it gives the teacher more time to meet with small group of students.  Also while having the teacher meet with small groups, the other students are doing a station rotation where they are doing independent work in the form of online learning, group projects, and independent work which will further students’ learning.

If we implement blended learning by having flipped classrooms with station rotation it can only improve students’ achievement.  Students will be more engaged and will be more involved in the classroom.  When they are completing their online learning, students will learn how to work at their own pace and work collaboratively.  This will also lead to students taking ownership of their learning, which is what all teachers want from their students.  Once students take ownership they will be more eager to learn.  Students will have a more personalized learning that will benefit them. Ultimately with blended learning students will perform better in classroom, district, and state testing.  


3 thoughts on “Why schools should have Blended Learning

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