Technology is a wonderful tool that gets a lot of bad reputation.  We are always hearing how technology has ruined children’s lives.  How it keeps children from being critical thinkers, blaming technology for children not wanting to go outside, that children are obese, etc.  People do not realize how technology could be an essential tool for their children’s education.

When you need to learn something new where do you go to find more information? You go online and search it and/or you watch a video.  You get your information from the Internet.  So why shouldn’t children do the same?

Every day in the classroom, I see students that are lost in the instruction.  Students who do not want to ask a question because they are either too lost or shy.   There is also lack of time for me as the teacher, to meet with all my students in one day and make sure that they are on track and understanding the standard.  As a teacher, I want to make sure that all my students will be successful so they can go on to the next grade fully prepared.  Having students who come to me in different learning level and learning styles makes it difficult to meet their needs.  I am always looking for ways to help my students achieve their goals.  During my research, I came across blended learning- the flipped classroom. This gives me the freedom to have more student time in the classroom, and more collaboration among students.  It allows students to learn at their own pace and gives ownership of learning to students.  It also allows more teacher time.  I am able to give more attention to my students and help them correct any misconceptions of the standard they learning.  Having them use technology to create, to analyze, to collaborate, and to further their learning is all that technology is great for.

Technology is not a hindrance it’s a benefit for our children.  

I used iMovie to create my video.  I used pictures that I had from lessons that I did with my students and some pictures of times when I did not use technology in the classroom.  You can see a big difference between how students were with a lesson that involved technology and when they just had to do things ‘old school’ style with no technology.  The process took a lot of prep time. I actually had to go YouTube and find videos to help me create my video.

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