Communicating my idea

As educators, we always want what is best for our students.  We want to make sure we are giving them the right resources, instruction, and education that we possibly can.  When we go to different professional developments they always train us in the new strategies that will help our students better understand the standards.  At these training, they also explain to us how much time we need to be spending on instruction, guided instruction, independent work, and small group instruction. At the end, there is very little time for small group instruction.  During the small group instruction, this is the time where we are able to meet with students to correct any misunderstandings or to challenge students to grow their learning. So it becomes difficult to find time for small group time.

With all the strategies that we are being taught, they do not talk about how we can use technology to help students be successful.  We are in an era where technology has become an essential part of our lives and there is a disconnect of technology in the classroom.  When people think of technology and an elementary classroom, they might think that it’s only used to play games.  That is also the perspective of students as well.  When you bring out the iPads/laptops/computers they automatically think they are about to play a game.  Technology is so much more than that.  I want to be able to use technology to increase my small group time with students and to have students use technology to enhance their learning.  

Students right now get their instruction in the classroom and go home with homework to put their new knowledge into completing their homework.  Many students go home without fully understanding the standard and are unable to complete their homework.  During class time they were unable to either meet with the teacher or comprehend the standard that they are now lost.  With a flipped classroom, students will get the instruction at home via an instructional video and go into the classroom having more time to understand the standard and complete work with the teacher there.  During normal classroom time, students will also have stations that they will be rotating to get more out of their learning.  It would also give me, the teacher, more time to have small group time with students.  No more having students lost in the instruction or bored because they are not being challenged.

By showing my innovation plan, literature review, and outline to my administrators and colleagues they are going to see having a flipped classroom is the great change we need.  Having a flipped classroom with a station rotation schedule will let students be more successful, take ownership of their learning, and collaborate with one another is the best option for our students.

Here is a list of literature to help me have more understanding on a flipped classroom.

The Differentiated Flipped Classroom: A Practical Guide to Digital Learning by Eric M. (Mason) Carbaugh, Kristina J. Doubet

This book will give me more insight in creating a flipped classroom.

Thinking Through Project-Based Learning: Guiding Deeper Inquiry by Jane Krauss, Suzanne K. Boss

This book will be a great resource on having more project-based learning in the classroom.

Using technology with Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition by Howard Pitler, Elizabeth R. Hubbell, and Matt Kuhn

This book will give more insight on having technology in the classroom and give me resources.

These are some online blog post that gives more information about implementing station rotations in the classroom.  They will give me more ideas and give me someone who I can ask questions.

Hudson, T. (2013, June 28). How to Implement a Station Rotation Blended Learning Model – DreamBox Learning. Retrieved November 5, 2016, from

Doubet, A. (n.d.). Blended Learning with Station Rotations. Retrieved November 5, 2016, from

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