Why make a change?

Why? Why do I want there to be a change in my classroom?  Why do I want to have others change their classrooms alongside of me?  For the past couple of years I have been wanting to change the way my students learn in my classroom.  I realized they were not getting enough instructional time with me and not enough time to explore the skills on their own. They were not able to continue their learning without having someone to guide them.  I would teach them the skill give them a some time in the classroom and then send them home with homework.  Most of my students would come back with their homework incomplete.  Their parents and my students would tell me that they did not understand and could not complete the homework.  So the next day and during my small group instruction I would go back and review.  Only this did not give me enough time to help my students master the skill.  It would put us behind on our scope and sequence.  It would also not help my high achieving students grow either.  This is when I realized that something had to change.

As I was exploring methods to change my classroom, I came upon the flipped classroom.  The concept is that students would watch an instructional video at home, answer some questions, and the next day students will work more on the skill while having the teacher there as a guide.  I immediately knew this was the change that I have been looking for and I had to implement this  in my classroom.  This would help all my students, from the lowest to the highest level.  This would give me more time to work with my students and make sure they are growing.

Ever since I have learned that there needed to be a change and what change needed to be done, I have been trying to find a way to do it.  The urgency for me to be able to fully make this change has been years in development.  For the past two years I have been trying to implement this change, but have had some roadblocks. I need to make sure that my students and their parents are on board, because without them this change will not work.  This upcoming year I need to make sure that I get my students and parents get on board.  I will need to make sure that they are aware of the why and the importance this change has on them in the long run.