4DX Strategy for Change

When I started thinking about making a change in my classroom, I never considered making a change with my colleagues as well.  I always wanted to be a digital learning leader, but I initially thought about making the change myself and then getting my colleagues to join me in my innovation plan.  I thought about doing it first because I have not encountered any other teachers in my district who have implemented a flipped classroom.  So before I use the 6 Sources of Influence and the 4DX (4 Disciplines of Execution) Strategy, I will implement my innovation plan in my classroom first, then in the second year I will use the Influencer Model and 4DX to get my colleagues on board.


Making any type of change always comes with challenges especially if it is an introduction of an entirely new concept.  In the education field, teachers are asked to make changes constantly, but they are not given examples of how the change should be implemented.  Teachers are given the why and examples, but that can only do so much.  Teachers are never given the how to or the chance to experience how to implement the change. The Influencer model and the 4DX go hand in hand.  When I complete the first year of my implementation, I will be able to use the Influencer model as the hook for my colleagues.  They will be able to understand the importance, the “Why,”, it is vital to create flipped classrooms with station rotations.  After getting them interested, I will be able to use the 4DX Strategy.  The 4DX Strategy is where the implementation takes place.  The 4DX is where the goal, WIG (Wildly Important Goal), what measures need to be taken, how it is going to be shown, and accountability is specified.  


I have created a 4DX strategy plan along with the stages of change that I will use to implement the flipped classroom with station rotation among my colleagues.


Stages of Change

Stage 1: Getting Clear

Stage 1 requires me to  meet with the teachers who are going to implement the flipped classroom with station rotation.  We will discuss what the 4DX strategy is and discuss if  any changes need to be made.  We will decide what day would be best for our weekly meetings.  I’d also like to establish  that we must all be held accountable and hold each other accountable.


Stage 2: Launch

This is where we are going to kick off the innovation plan.  We will hold a meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page, and  everyone has what they need to start.  I plan on reassuring  my colleagues  that I will be there if they need any help.  I will let them know that we are here to support each other and help each other when needed.


Stage 3: Adoption

This is where we will start seeing what our sweat and tears are being poured into.  I must make sure to refer back to the influencer model, so teachers can remember the reason we are creating flipped classroom with station rotation classrooms.  At this point, teachers will begin seeing that the adoption of the 4DX is having a great impact with student’s growth and how they are having more time to have more individualized teaching.


Stage 4: Optimization

This stage is where we see if there needs to be any changes in our 4DX strategy. Teachers will become more active participants and encourage others to create flipped classrooms with station rotations.  Teachers are having a much easier time collaborating with one another and letting teachers go into their classrooms to observe how they are implementing the flipped classroom with station rotations. Ideally, teachers will actively pursue and attend professional developments.


Stage 5: Habits

At the end of this process of having a flipped classroom with station rotation,  it will become second nature to the teachers.  The big WIG will be accomplished because the rest of the faculty would have seen the impact of the flipped classroom with station rotation had on teachers and students.



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