Digital Learning and Leading Journey

My parents’ goal/dream for their children (my sister and I) was for us to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.  Their importance on education, making sure that we knew that in life you need to have a strong educational foundation to be successful, stayed with me.  I always knew that I wanted to receive my master’s degree.  It’s a goal that I had for myself.  When it came down to start my master’s program, my husband, and daughters were there supporting me and keeping me on track.  It was especially important to me to get my master’s for my two young daughters.  I want them to have the same love for education that I do.

Throughout the program, there were highs and lows.  There was a lot of self-learning that I had to do and I had to trust myself more than before.  I had to realize that I knew what I was doing and capable of voicing my own thoughts.  The highs were when I knew I completed an assignment to the best of my abilities and was successful in showing my voice.  My lows were when I had to do my big chunks of writing assignments, such as Creating a Significant Learning Environment.  That was my toughest course where I had to create my learning philosophy, a growth mindset, and other tasks.  My writing has never been my forte, it has always been my weakness.  I have tried to learn how to write better, but it just difficult for me.   

Even though I have had tough times with my writing throughout this program, I still feel I did the best I could.  I am happy with the end result.  I was able to grow as a learner, know what I am good at it, and what I still need to work on it.  I have been able to find my voice through the COVA style.  

Where I am now?  In my innovation plan, I am in the learning stages.  I am still figuring out what works and what needs to be changed for next year.  I am still planning on implementing a flipped classroom next year and incorporating more technology in the classroom.  Next year I need to start right away in showing my students how to handle technology in the classroom because they are not used it.  That is one of the setbacks I had worked with this year.  I plan to work with others in my school to also create a flipped classroom environment or to even use technology in the classroom beyond iPad apps.