How I am going to use Google Classroom

This upcoming year I will be trying to convert my traditional classroom to a flipped classroom.  I have been looking at different types of programs that can host instructional videos since at this stage I will only be using to host videos and pictures.  I want to use a user-friendly website since my students are third graders.  I am moving into a new district that is starting to build their technology.  I know that my new district is moving towards being a Google district, so I decided to use Google Classroom.  I also choose Google Classroom because I use Google services more than anything else it would be easier for me to link my videos or any other materials to Google Classroom.  Within Google Classroom I will also be able to let my students’ parents view Google Classroom.
As I am building this course to correlate with my flipped classroom plan, I have to make a lot of assumptions based on the fact that my district is moving towards being a Google district.  So here are my assumptions: every student is going to have their own Google login, I will have five ipads in the classroom, and the final assumption is that most t of my students will have access to a device that is connected to the internet at home. With those assumptions, I have created an outline of lesson plans that I will be doing at the beginning of the year.  For my lesson plans, I used Amy Lemons’ The Magic of Math.


Outline for five weeks