More Flip/Online Courses

There are many courses that could be turned into an online course or that could be flipped.  The first class I decided to flip is my math course.  I always felt my students were not getting enough individualized and collaborative learning in the amount of time they were given.  The other two courses that I would flip would be my science course and faculty meetings.

To flip my science class would be a tremendous help.  My science block at this point stands to be 30 minutes per day.  That does not give students enough time to complete hands-on experiments.  Flipping my science course would let me front load vocabulary, which is a struggle for my bilingual students.  It would also allow me to give them a short lesson on what to expect in their hands-on activities for the next day and week.  Flipping my science class would be more engaging and students will have a better opportunity to get a better view on what scientists do.  

Another course, which really isn’t really a course, would be the faculty meetings.  Wouldn’t it be great?  We spend most of the time listening to information during our meetings that we do not have time to ask all our questions or to collaborate with other teachers.  If the principal would create a video and send out information during our faculty meeting, teachers would be already prepared to ask questions and connect with other teachers about collaborating.  Faculty meeting should be focused on teachers collaborating with one another, not sitting for an hour listening to information that could be given out electronically.