Online Courses

What Instructional Design theories lend themselves to the development of online learning environments? Which one did you lean toward in developing your course?

There are so many different theories out there that it’s hard to just say you use one theory.  In the classroom, behaviorism is still heavily used.  We are still rewarding and punishing in order to achieve  a desired behavior.  While I was building my course, I really wanted to create a constructive environment.  By creating a flipped classroom my students will have more opportunities to collaborate with another.  They are not going to be sitting at their desk working independently no longer.  There is going to be more time for them to create and explore their learning.

How did you implement the UbD plan for your learning environment in creating learning opportunities for students?

Using the UbD Backwards Design is a great tool to use while creating my learning environment.  It is always best to plan out my lessons with the end in mind.  Students are more successful when they know what the end result is of their learning.  Working in a state where students are tested rigorously, I need to use a UbD Design so I can make sure my students learning the skill to answer any time of question they are given.

With regard to what you have learned in this course, discuss the relevance and importance of providing online learning for our students.

Our society is changing every single day.  There is a lot of different ways for students to learn.  We need to create classrooms full of differentiation.  You can no longer just teach the old way where students learn from a book.  This is the digital age where information is at the fingertips of everyone.   Students are now going on YouTube to learn new skills.  We need to make our classroom accessible to digital learning.  Providing students online learning gives them ownership of the learning.  They are learning to be responsible, and are in charge of the pace they learn and work.  As teachers we must provide students with different ways to learn.

What is the enduring understanding you can take from this course and apply in your teaching?

One of the things I can take away from this course is that its is not easy to create an online course.  You think since it is online you do not need to make a lot resources, but that is not the case.  It is the total opposite.  You need to make sure you have all the resources and more to ensure your students’ learning.  Also, in order for a course to be successful, you still need to have a form of face-to-face time with your students.  If there is no accountability in them finishing the course, they will not finish their learning.  Teachers need to check in with students to make sure any questions they have are being answered and that they know they supported in their learning.  Do not make an online course without providing support to your students.  That will just create a chance for their failure or not finishing the course.