Professional Development Agenda

The Flipped Classroom with Station Rotation

Professional Development Agenda

August 2018

    • Is there a need for change in the classroom?  Are students getting everything out of the current instruction method?
    • What can we do to change?
    • Flipped Classroom and Station Rotation
    • Duration- For the flipped classroom with station rotation, the PD will be continued throughout the school year.  We will have ongoing education on the flipped classroom.  Have PD on different resources/activities they can utilize for their technology-enriched stations.
    • Support- Throughout the school year there will be bi-weekly meetings (will approximately last 60 minutes) to make sure everyone is on the right track.  Discuss any issues they are having with the implementation, whether it be content or student issues.  Within the group there will be smaller groups for collaboration to meet and work together.  
    • Active Learning-  During PDs, teachers will have the opportunity to test out resources/activities they would like to use in their stations.  They will also have the opportunity to research  the fundamentals of the platform they chose to host their instructional videos and supplement content.
    • Modeling- PL leads will be available to go into classrooms to model implementation.  Whether it be to roll out a new station or whatever the teacher needs help on.
    • Content-Based- Teachers will create their own instructional videos specific to their grade level and students.
    • Foster collaboration-  Creating an environment where it is essential for teachers to collaborate with one another.  Have them team up to alleviate the frontloading of instructional videos, help each other find resources, and attend trainings/conferences for additional information on the flipped classroom and using technology during stations.
    • Leader of components-  I will be leading the implementation of this initiative being the first one to utilize the flipped classroom with station rotation.  Once we have the initiative started the teachers who join will later on lead PDs and meeting.
    • Schedule/timeline- The first initial PD will be held before school year starts.  Afterwards the next meeting will be two weeks after school begins to talk about how the teachers will start their implementation in their classroom.  After those two scheduled meetings, the rest of the meetings will be created with the teachers.
  • Let’s get all students to succeed!! Volunteers sign up.


  • Next meeting will talk more about:
    • Tools to use to host videos
      • EdPuzzle: Upload your own videos or search for already made videos from YouTube. Can crop, voiceover, and ask questions throughout the video.  You can also upload multiple videos beforehand and set dates for when to release them to students.  It allows you to set a time frame of when students are able to view the videos.  The website also lets you view the progress and informs the teacher if students answered the questions correctly, similar to a gradebook.
      • YouTube


    • Tools to use to create videos
      • Explain Everything (Pay -$2.67)
      • EduCreations (Free)
      • ShowMe (Free)


    • Can also use Google Forms or Microsoft Forms (Microsoft 365) to give students access to the video and questions in one place.


    • Resources for the technology station will be discussed with the collaboration teams.